Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bad Day in Queen's Landing Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Cal walked into the house, and nearly threw up.  He had seen crime scenes before, but this was absolutely senseless.  Cal counted five bullet holes minimum in Chris.  He nodded and Carol dropped the cover back over Chris.  Since the county was so small, Carol had become deputy coroner.  For the most part, she took care of crime scenes and brought the body back to the coroner, unless an emergency call came in that she was needed somewhere else.
            Carol walked with Cal through the house; trying to make sure he didnt get sick and contaminate the crime scene.  She looked especially irritated with him today.  Cal stopped and turned toward her.
            Have I done something that makes you more irritated with me than usual?  Cal asked.  Carol gave Cal a dirty look.
            What do you think happened here?  She asked very angrily. 
            I have no idea Carol, Cal responded, genuinely confused.  Carol turned and studied him for a minute. She pursed her lips and nodded. 
            This was senseless, Carol said quietly.  Cal nodded.  It makes me angry, Im sorry if I took it out on you.  Cal reached out an arm and hugged his sister with one arm.  Cal noticed something and let her go.  Carol followed Cal, watching him.
            Guys, Cal called toward the crime scene techs.  They came to where Cal was.  Carol saw it.  There was a blood trail into the kitchen and back outside.  Cal went and stood where the drops ended. 
            Was there something on the table? Carol asked.  Cal turned toward her, nodding.
            I think so, Cal replied.  Apparently someone came in here to get something, and then left.  The question is whose blood was dripped, Chriss, or one of his assailants?  Cal turned toward one of the techs who was smiling.
            Dont even start on us man, the tech said.  Youve watched too much TV if you think youll get this blood analyzed in under 24 hours.  Cal didnt say a word; he just stepped back and let his sister bite the mans head off.
            That is an officer down, Carol said pointing at Chriss body.  Does that not light a fire under you!?!  The tech gulped, and turned toward his supervisor, who just nodded and left the room.
            Im sorry maam, the tech said.  Ill personally put a rush on it.  The man left and Cal found himself chuckling.  Carol turned around with an amused smirk on her face.
            What are you laughing about?  She asked.  Cal shook his head.  There was no way in the world he was answering that question.  He continued to work the crime scene.  Craig offered to give Cal a lift home so he could get his vehicle and begin his investigation.  Cal accepted and shortly he was on the road. 
            After about 10 minutes of driving, Cal pulled up to Hernandezs known hangout.  One of his goons met Cal outside.  He led Cal inside.  Hernandez nodded at Cal as he entered the room.  Hernandez got up and went to his safe.  He picked up an envelope and handed it to Cal.  Cal opened it, and saw the 5 grand he had been expecting.  Cal smiled at his return on his investment.  He sat down and looked Hernandez right in the eye.
            What were you doing at the Sheriffs house last night?  Cal asked.
            The four goons of Hernandez pulled their guns on Cal.  As he heard their weapons click, for the first time in the past 10 years, Cal wondered if he was making a mistake by taking payoffs from Hernandez to look the other way as he sold weed in LaCompt County.

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