Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bad Day in Queen's Landing - Chapter 8

Chapter 8
            As they came up the stairs, Cal put his hand down to his service weapon.  He heard rustling upstairs, and was afraid Hernandez had sent one of his boys to take Cal out.  When he came out of the stairwell, there stood Carol.
            Did you play basketball this week? Carol was asking Terrance. It smells like it.
            I have a prescription, Terrance replied.  Carol rolled her eyes and looked at her brother and then back at Terrance and the ordnance they were carrying.
            Going hunting boys? Carol asked.
            For Hernandezs men, Terrance answered.  Carol looked surprised.  She turned toward Cal for verification, and Cal nodded.  Carol nodded slowly, shrugged and headed down the stairwell without a word.
            Did she know what was down there? Cal asked.  Terrance nodded.  How does she know whats going on down there and I didnt?
            Youre the fuzz, Terrance answered simply.
            Im your friend and knew you were smoking pot and didnt say anything! Cal exclaimed.  Terrance turned around and looked Cal straight in the eye.
            Youre a dirty cop, Terrance explained.  I didnt know if youd try to blackmail me, turn me in, or just let it ride.  Cals mouth was open in shock.  It remained open as he saw Carol bring up two bullet-proof vest and a rifle with a scope on it.  Terrance started to stay something but Carol cut him off.
            You cant lay cover fire and help him take the place, Carol said.  Terrance thought, nodded, and turned toward Cal.
            How long will it take you to deputize her? Terrance asked.  Cal shook his head.
            Nope, no way! he exclaimed.  Carol gave Cal the dont be an idiot look.
            You know Dad taught me how to shoot, Carol said.
            If you get shot, or worse, Dad will kill me, Cal replied.
            Im simply laying down cover fire, Carol said.  Cal couldnt believe the mess he had gotten himself in.  Besides, she continued.  Someones got to help you two.  You cant shoot and hes half-baked.  Terrance looked up from what he was doing, started to argue, realized Carol was right, shrugged and continued to load his weapon.
            What are you even doing here? Cal asked, trying to get some control of this situation.  Carol looked at Cal, very angrily.
            I came to tell you that Becky that you went to high school with, shes dead.  Heroin.  Cal didnt say anything, he just looked down at the floor.  When he looked up, Terrance and Carol was staring at him, not sure whether to be mad at Cal or not.
            Come on, he said quietly.  Lets go to my office so I can figure out how to deputize you two.  Cal turned and left the house without another word.
            Try not to let him get killed, Carol said quietly to Terrance.
            I know, hes your brother, Terrance responded.  Carol shook her head.
            Thats not why, Carol replied, grabbing the rifle and heading out of the house.  Im still not sure I dont want to kill him.

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