Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bucket List Part 2 or It's Chris George's fault

There's this prevailing theory that you should write down your goals in life, because when they're written down they mean more.  I don't know if I agree with all of that.  What I do know is if you do write it down, you do know what was important to you when you wrote it down.  What I do know is I've crossed 2 things off of my bucket list that I created 2 years ago.  Is my bucket list the same today as it was back then?  I don't know, and that's the rub.

See that's the problem, because if it is, then I have have another opportunity to knock something off of my bucket list.  #7 have something published that is not an academia paper, is done.  I've done it.  I am working daily on #10 make a living writing.  That goal is one of those things that will be a work in progress until its done, or I'm dead, so essentially I've done all I can do on it.  That leaves two new spots, and one of them is to write 9 John Fowler novels (as of now 5 are complete and 6 is 90% done) and I've done 2/3 of that goal.
That brings me to why this is Chris George's fault.  #5.  Earn a PhD.  That goal was written incorrectly.  It should have been Earn my doctorate.  I've found the program, and there's the rub.  The cost is one of the cheapest I have ever found in a doctoral program, and the residency issue is taken care of.  SACS certified, so there's no question about the program's legitimacy.  Now the questions begin.  Do I want to do this again?  Do I want to complete 12 classes and write a dissertation?  Do I want to put my writing career on a slow down, if not a hold?  Those are the negatives.

Now the positives.  Do I want a seat at the table to help some of the people I work with everyday if I have those two little letters in front of my name?  Yes.

So I break it down.  Class work, can do, but do I want to.  Writing the dissertation.  Please?  16 weeks to write a 60 to 100 page paper double spaced?  That's called a good weekend.  The research?  I can do, but do I want to?

And that's what it all comes down to, do I want to.  Do I want to sit thought these classes (admittedly online)?  Do I want to do the work (admittedly 90% I can probably sleep walk through)  I guess the biggest question is do I have the want to complete the goal.  I don't want to be ABD (all but dissertation).

Then I think about one of my students.  I've helped him, his brother, and his sister.  Let me tell you about his day.  He goes to school, when he gets out of school, he goes home, gets the mail, translates it for his parents, helps them pay the bills, then goes to work for 6 hours to help pay the mortgage, comes home, does his homework, goes to bed, and gets up does it all again the next day.  Did I mention he's pulling a 3.6?  I asked him why once, and he told me that's what he had to do for his family to make it here in America.  He was given a chance here, and he intends to make the most of it.  That's the students I help, and they deserve more.  Then you have lawmakers and others who talk about changing things that they have no idea what's going on in schools, homes, or anywhere else.  When I speak, I don't count.  I'm just a counselor, I'm just some guy at a university.  I'm not a lawmaker, a politician, or a Dr, but I could be the last.

I could be.

I should be.

I think I will be.

No, I will be.

So, if you like my writing, I would like to apologize.  It will more than likely slow down a bit.  Now remember I've written 6 novels in 2 years.  Surely I can still write one a year while doing this.  2 1/2 years it what it will take me if I go slow.  5 semester if I go fast, and only three semester of actual classwork if I go lightspeed.(doubt that will happen.)  Of course I have to get accepted, but I had to accept it was what I wanted to do first.

I'd like to thank you all for listening to my online therapy session today.  :)   Now if you'll excuse me I have a novel to finish.

Till next time, whenever that is


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