Wednesday, July 20, 2011

10 things I'd like to do if money and time were no object

First off, please note all of the things in this blog are my opinion, they may not be right but they are mine. I've seen more bucket lists floating around lately than I can shake a stick at. (There's my Farmersvillian coming through) The following are the 10 things I'd most like to do if I had all the money and time at my disposal.

1. Lose 150 lbs.

2. Attend the NCAA National Championship Men's Basketball Game when UK wins a National Title.

3. Attend the NCAA National Championship Men's Basketball Game (different than #1)

4. Attend The NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four

5. Earn a PhD

6. Attend San Diego Comic Con for a week (during this time I would visit the San Diego Zoo)

7. Have something published that is not an academia paper.

8. Play in a World Series of Poker event

9. Have the guts to participate in a ghost hunt at Waverly Hills Sanatorium or The Stanley Hotel

10. Make a living writing.

Those not making the list but have potential:

1. Visit MLB Hall of Fame (Not until Pete Rose and Mark McGuire are inducted)

2. Attend a St Louis Cardinals game in St Louis

So let's discuss, shall we. #1. Well, that is my goal every day. I lose some I gain some. In the past year I have dropped that # from from 165. I try to make intelligent choices, but I like food. Too much. I know what your going to say. Exercise!!! When I exercise (or peel an orange, I sweat doing both) I sweat, and when I sweat I chafe, and now you know too much.

2, 3, 4. If I were to make it to a final four and UK would win the whole shebang (feel free to let me know if that is spelled incorrectly) it would kill 3 birds with one big stone.

5. This one makes me chuckle and shake my head in regret. The guy that took 10 3/4 years (entered college in the summer of 92 graduated in the fall of 02) now has 2 masters and wants a PhD. I found the program I want, but there are two small problems, the residency issue and the cost. So for now this goes on the back burner. Who knows what 10 more years might bring. I think one day I'll have it.

6. If you didn't know, I am a geek. I'm not this new school Miss USA geek, but back in the day, love my sci-fi, have a massive comic book collection, and will debate you on whether batman is too dark or not as a character for 5 hours geek. Comic con or SDCC is a geek's holy grail. Today it is very glamorized and has many television and movie details released, but back in the day it was just an old school comic show. I also want to visit the San Diego Zoo, you may now judge me (as if you hadn't been already)

7. I've debated this one for a while. I kinda have, but haven't. I want anything I have written over the past 22 years to be put out in some form, but technically it may have already happened. All around my house, if you know where to look, there is writing done by me. 10 different stories all stopped at various places, fantasy wrestling, a couple of movie scripts, a plot for several different comic book characters, and then there is numerous stuff in my head. For about three weeks I wrote the storyline for a small wrestling group in Owensboro. For some reason I don't anymore. I don't remember why I quit or if I was just not asked to do anything else, but it was out there for people to see (it may have only been 10 people, but that's fine).

8. I love poker. I'm not great, but I'm good. I would love just once to play in a WSOP event. I would love that event to be the main event, but I'm realistic. I cannot post 10k for anything like that. One day I hope to play in a 1500 event, heck I'd even play in a $200 circuit event in Indiana/Louisville.

9. I'm not going to argue with anyone if ghosts are real or not. I saw something when I was a child that has stuck with me the rest of my life. I was told I was a kid having nightmares, but what I saw was no nightmare. I have had a fascination with ghosts ever since. I wish I had the courage to attend some of these hunts, but I'm afraid I'd scream the scream of a young child who thinks they're holding a stick and suddenly realizes it's a praying mantis kind of scream if I ever did see something.

10. Bet 99.9% of you had no idea on this one. I love writing, I never feel better about myself than when I'm "creating" something. I get excited. It's some weird euphoria that I can't explain. Unfortunately I don't think I'm good enough to do it all day every day. But boy would I love to. What would I write? Honestly, comics. I even know some people in the industry. (We aren't best buds, but have chatted a bit) I doubt this one ever come to pass, but all I can do is keep on keeping on.

Ok, that's it. Hope it didn't bore the crap out of you. 'Til next time . . whenever that is.



  1. Just wanted to add a little tidbit for you about the Stanley Hotel....most of what you know or read about it are rumors. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium on the other hand.....that would be a great one to visit!

  2. Okay. Thanks for helping me with my homework