Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inane thoughts on Perception

There are days we all talk to people and we seriously wonder if they are from the same planet we are from. How can they believe/say/think that?? How!?!? In this society we are so quick to judge. We hardly ever stop and think, what would make someone think that, what have they experienced/not experienced in their life? No, instead we wonder why are they wasting oxygen by talking! (come on, you know you do.)

As we grow up and become adults (and admittedly some of us take a hair longer than others) we use our life experiences to enter into how we see things. Huh? You want an example, well lucky you I have the perfect one, the original Star Wars trilogy. (this is the blog you were looking for)

As an 8 year old boy, Star Wars had almost everything I could want. Explosions, space fights, cool lightsabers, robots, and a big Wookie. There was one thing wrong. The girl kissed the hero, and that was just yuckie because girls have cooties. (remember I was 8). By the time Return of the Jedi came out we learned that Luke and Leia were brother and sister. Fast forward to when I was 16, and an all day Star Wars marathon that took place at Route 1 Box 251 (just wanted to see if I remember the old address before the 911 update) Princeton, KY. It occurred to me that Leia was kissing her brother and George Lucas knew they were brother and sister. GROSS!!!! That's just not right!!! How could he!?!? What is wrong with that man!?!?

Now the thing about this, as an 8 year old boy it was ok, they didn't know. As a 16 year old who "knew everything" I knew George Lucas knew so he had to be a sick perv. Wait, there is a third part to my trilogy. (See what I did there?) In college I learned about story telling in English class. I learned how to take a reader through a journey, and I learned the brilliance of what George did. He created a love triangle, but in the end no one lost! If Luke hadn't been Leia's brother someone would have gotten emotionally hurt in the end.

So what does all of this have to do with people making crazy statements? The next time someone makes what you think is a crazy statement, we (I'm guilty of it to) should wonder why. Why do you think that, and here's a crazy idea, ask. You may find out there is a very valid reason, or the person thinks they have a very valid reason (two totally different things) but at least you may have some understanding.

There is a man out there who took 7 common sense ideas and made a boatload of money off of them named Stephen Covey. His fifth habit, Seek first to Understand than to be Understood. We tend to skip that first part many times. If we took the time, we may not have battles, but just conversations. Ok, everyone hold hands and sing Kumbaya . . .everyone . . .everyone (sound of crickets)

Ok enough inane ramblings, hope you liked it. More later . . . whenever that is.


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