Monday, July 25, 2011

There was this one time, in band . . . Part 1

I was a band nerd (or is it geek?) back before it was cool to be one.  Let me tell you a story that you may or may not know.  I don't remember if this was the fall of 88 or 89, I think it was 88.  I don't remember if I had on shorts or if I had on a pair of pants that had a hole in them.  Back then I hated having to get new clothes because they never fit right, so if I had a pair that fit me I wore them until I literally wore holes in them.  Anyway we were practicing something and were stopped.  We came to attention and were being bawled out for not focusing or something another.  (When I say attention we literally were not suppose to move) (It happened what seemed like often back then)  It was then I felt something buzzing up my leg.  I never found out what exactly it was.  I know a bumblebee could only sting once, so it wasn't that, because this critter tore me up. 

Someone moved somewhere while at attention.  That got Mr Burton fired up and now we were being yelled at again about staying at attention.  This is about to become very ironic.  It was at that time this bee decided to sting the inside of my leg. . .high up.  . .you get the idea.  (This really happened, by the time I'm done you're going to think it was something out of Monty Python's Flying Circus.)  I remained at attention without screaming but I guess my upper body began twitching because Stephanie Stephens saw me and under her voice told me to stop moving that we were at attention.

It was at this point the bee moved to the middle of my pants.  Yeah . .. there.  . . .and stung.  Apparently my eyes bugged out of my head and I turned a funny color.  I didn't yell, but boy was I hurting!!  Stephanie was noticing this and asked very quietly if I was alright, to which I replied I have a bee in my pants.  Now I don't know if she thought I was making a lewd joke or what.  It was at that time I was stung again.  Tears were running down my face at this point.  She asked an incredulous, WHAT!?!?  I said there is a bee in my pants and I don't know what to do.  She told me to run over to the ditch and get the bee out.  We were on the near sidelines, and the ditch was about 20 feet pass the far sidelines.  I took off running.  At that point someone yelled, "Just drop them!!!"  I think it was Jason Merrick. . .or Chris Suggs.  I'm not for sure, it just seemed like that's who would yell it.  At that point the bee stung again and I agreed with them.   I was conscious enough to realize the color guard wasn't that far away and I was desperately trying not to give them a show.  I opened the front of my pants and couldn't find the darn thing and it stung again.  At this point someone yelled from the color guard, "just drop them baby."  I don't think Mr Burton ever forgave me for derailing his practice. 

With the bee (or whatever) set free it was then it dawned on me.  I had two choices; sulk and be made fun of forever, or be a good sport and realize that was probably the funniest thing I would ever have happen to me.  (although there are times I wonder if it ranks in the top 10).  While everyone laughed, and had a good time, I wasn't teased horribly.  In fact, it was just another day in band.  If anyone remembers something I left or has there own take from there vantage point (and if it was a vantage point you never wanted I humbly apologize) feel free to comment here or on facebook, twitter, or wherever.  Ok that's all I remember. . . If I can figure out how to write it without revealing those with me I may have Part 2 be Boone's farm and riding Space Mountain 16 times. 


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